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Exoplanet Exploration Program
A prepublication report Evaluation of the Implementation of WFIRST/AFTA in the Context of New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics has been released by the NRC.

NASA's Kepler mission announced Wednesday the discovery of 715 new planets. These newly-verified worlds orbit 305 stars, revealing multiple-planet systems much like our own solar system.

Future efforts to image exoplanets directly will concentrate on the nearest and brightest stars. A catalog listing the properties of such stars is now available for use in planning such missions (e.g. WFIRST-AFTA).

Exoplanet scientists are encouraged to consider applying for Executive Committee of the ExoPAG. Application letters are due on Feb 28.

Astrophysics Division Director Paul Hertz discusses the state of the division and looks forward to 2014.

A pre-proposal briefing for the NASA ROSES solicitation on exoplanet Strategic Astrophysics Technology (SAT/TDEM) will be held 1:00 pm (Eastern) on Tuesday, 21 January 2014.

4/27-5/2, 2014
Vienna, Austria
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