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Planet Quest - the search for another Earth


TPF-C Flight Baseline Mission - ASTRO2010 Mission RFI - March 2009
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Overview of Technologies for Direct Optical Imaging of Exoplanets - ASTRO2010 Community White Paper - March 2009
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Proceedings from the Coronagraph Workshop 2006 are now available.
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Origins of Stars, Planets, ... and Life The Terrestrial Planet Finder Coronagraph was a mission concept previously under study by NASA. TPF-C would examine all aspects of planets outside our solar system: from their formation and development in disks of dust and gas around newly forming stars to their suitability as abodes for life.

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What is TPF?
Artists' concepts
3D models
Science Goals
Searching for Earths
Signs of Life
Planet Studies
Technology Goals
Multiple Paths
Mission Concepts
Other Planet-Finding
TPF Newsletter
Foundation Science
+ 2004 Selections
+ 2003 Selections
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TPF and the Space Exploration Vision
     In January 2004, President Bush identified the search for Earth-like planets as a goal in his new vision for space exploration. In response, NASA has identified "Earth-like Planets and Life" as one of four key research areas in its Vision for Space Exploration
Key Documents
   TPF-C Flight Baseline Mission - ASTRO2010
           Mission RFI - March 2009
          (PDF, 2.6 MB)
   Overview of Technologies for Direct Optical
          Imaging of Exoplanets - ASTRO2010
          Community White Paper - March 2009
          (PDF, 572 KB)
   Coronagraph Workshop 2006
   TPF-C STDT Report - June 2006
          (PDF, 9.3 MB)
   TPF-C Technology Plan - March 2005
          (PDF, 6.2 MB)
Navigator Science Plan 2006
TPF Astrophysics (PDF, 2.1 MB)
Biosignatures and Planetary Properties (PDF)
TPF-C Technology Milestones
TPF-C Milestone 1 Report - Monochromatic
      Contrast (July 2006) (PDF, 3.8 MB)
TPF-C Milestone 2 Report - Broadband
      Contrast (August 2008) (PDF, 6.2 MB)
Research Opportunities
TPF-C Instrument Concept Studies
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TPF-C Project
TPF-C Science and Technology
      Definition Team
Technology Panel
Technical Resources
NASA Star and Exoplanet Database
TPF Synergy Report
TPF-C Flight Baseline Report
Decadal Report
Bibliography of coronagraphy papers
Exoplanet Science Institute
Library (restricted)
TPF Archive
Awards & Credits
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