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Planet Quest - the search for another Earth

Adaptive Nuller results:
    PASP 122, accepted (2010)
Achromatic Phase Shifter results:
    Appl. Opt. 48. 868 (2009)
Adaptive Nuller results:
    Appl. Opt. 47, 3920 (2008)

Silver Halide Fiber results:
    Appl. Opt. 47, 5728 (2008)


Emma Interactive - Explore a 3D model of the array. Explore a 3D model of the array.
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Origins of Stars, Planets, ... and Life The Terrestrial Planet Finder Inteferometer was a mission concept previously under study by NASA. TPF-I would study all aspects of planets outside our solar system: from their formation and development in disks of dust and gas around newly forming stars to the presence and features of those planets orbiting the nearest stars; from the numbers at various sizes and places to their suitability as abodes for life.

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What is TPF-I?
Fact Sheet
Artists' concepts
3D models
Searching for Earths
Signs of Life
Formation Flying
Other Planet-Finding
TPF Newsletter
Extrasolar Planets
New Worlds Atlas
PlanetQuest home page
Contact Information
Web Feedback
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TPF-I Project
TPF-I Team
TPF-I Science Working Group
Exoplanet Science
Science Requirements
Signs of Life
Target Stars
Exozodiacal Dust
General Astrophysics
Astrophysics with TPF-I
Star and Planet Formation
Stellar Evolution and Cosmic Recycling
Formation and Growth of Black Holes
Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Science Resources
NASA Star and Exoplanet Database
TPF/Darwin Workshop Series
TPF Foundation Science
Key Documents
Technology for a Mid-IR Flagship Mission
      to Characterize Earth-like Exoplanets
      (April 2009)
TPF-I SWG Report (2007)
Darwin Mission Summary Status (2007)
Navigator Science Plan (2006)
TPF-I Technology Plan (2005)
Architecture Studies (2001)
TPF Book (1999)
ExNPS (1996)
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Technology Plan
Current Status
TPF-I Technology Milestones
TPF-I Milestone 1 Report - Amplitude
      and Phase Demonstration (July 2007)
TPF-I Milestone 2 Report - Formation
      Control Performance Demonstration
      (Jan 2008)
TPF-I Milestone 3 Report - Broadband
      Nulling (Jan 2009)
TPF-I Milestone 4 Report - Planet
      Detection Demonstration (Nov 2009)
Interferometer Architecture
Principle of Operation
Architecture Trade Studies
Instability Noise and the X-Array
Performance Models
Nulling Interferometry
State of the Art
Mid-Infrared Spatial Filters
Achromatic Nulling Testbed
Adaptive Nuller Testbed
Planet Detection Testbed
Formation Flying Technology
Algorithms and Simulations
Formation Control Testbed
SPHERES Guest Scientist Program
Related Sites
Darwin Project at ESA
Distributed Spacecraft Technology
Encyclopedia of Exoplanets
Awards & Credits
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